How Can I Get Pregnant? Angie Wilson Coaches

It was November 2008, when Angella Wilson entered the world of blogs. Angela Wilson is an author, professional blogger, and freelance publicist.  She started blogging at “How Can I Pregnant” to document her efforts of gestation journey. Angella Wilson soon became a popular name inside the TTC community for her willingness to get fertility. At 32, Wilson was told by her doctor that she won’t get pregnant in her life after her diagnoses with premature climacteric. But by 36, she was driven to prove her doctors incorrect.
Lisa Olson became her virtual guide. Wilson chose to follow The Pregnancy Miracle and Pregnancy Miracle written by Lisa Olson. Wilson shared a similar story with Lisa Olson. But at 43 she was conceived and delivered 2 healthy kids. This was considered something near to miracle.

Wilson soon became source of inspiration and motivation to many couples who shared similar sadness. And this resulted as the popularity of many similar blogs, working for same cause. All this made her satisfied and kept her working hard.

In February 2009, world witnessed another pregnancy miracle, when Wilson got pregnant. This was the time when she was away from blogging. But her efforts for the cause were still running high. She conducted numerous workshops in many localities, where 22 previously sterile women achieved their maternity within a span of 16 weeks. And these miracles made the world to think.

Wilson documented the quintessential Pregnancy Miracle written by Lisa Olson story, in July 2009. This magnified the popularity of the book in a short span of time.

Still, the popularity of Wilson’s blog is doubted but most correspond to the fact that “How Can I Get Pregnant” is one of the guiding blogs in the How to Get Pregnant blog genre.
Wilson lately denied the rumors regarding the distribution of How Can I Get Pregnant books throughout the internet.


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